Vyatichi Museum

Vyatichi Museum

The main treasure of the archaeological collection of the Vyatichi Museums шы women’s jewelry amulets, the famous seven-bladed temporal rings, metal “Kopousgki” of the 10th century (a tool for cleaning ears), kunas (ancient Russian money) and treasures with silver dirhams (also ancient Russian money).

Very rare items made of black-glazed ceramics, known from the III millennium BC, occupy special places in the exposition. Only certain types of clay could be used to make that ceramic. Those dishes kept the smell of the product, milk and cream stayed fresh for a long time in them.

Excursions to two museums and the art gallery:

Every Saturday at 12:00 — Free

Individual excursion — 300 RUB per person

Concerning the organization of excursions, call — 89037924070