The cottage is designed for 5 people. Check-in at 18:00, check-out at 16:00.

The red house has 2 bedrooms and one guest room with a convertible sofa. The cottage is equipped with all amenities, including high-speed Wi-Fi and satellite TV. The cottage has a full kitchen with a set of dishes for 5 people.

The interior is decorated with traditional materials for wooden architecture preserving the atmosphere and smell of a wooden house.

Outdoor hot tub


No Pets allowed

Pets are not allowed in the cottage. This will be a benefit for people with allergies to pet fur. They can be completely sure that no pets ever stayed there.


A distinctive feature of the cottage is its location. The cottage is located away from the rest of the houses, it is surrounded by young pine trees, so you can relax in a quiet spot.


Weekdays 10000 per night
Weekend 12 000 per night
A week 50000 for the whole period


For booking call: +7 800 301 26 87