The largest painting in Russia by Ilya Glazunov – “Great China”

While working on the painting “Great China”, Glazunov seemed to have changed his role – he has become a singer, a man glorifying the history of the great country.

The canvas is 19.5 m length and 7.5 m height, and it represents a triptych, each part of which is dedicated to one or another great era.

On the left of the picture you see China during the time of the first Emperor Qin Shi Huang (3rd century B.C. ) and the soldiers of his  Terracotta army. In addition, the painting depicts the “Golden age” of China – the period of the Tang dynasty (7-9th centuries A.D.). Tang beauties seem to come alive in front of you.

In the center of the canvas – three characters who had a strong influence on the history of China – Confucius, Lao Tzu and Buddha. They symbolize the coexistence of different faiths and cultures. The master’s brush turned deified teachers and philosophers into ordinary people.

The right part of the triptych finishes the anthem in honor to the Celestial Empire, where the artist shows modern China, which is destined to become a leading world power. This crowd of living participants of the parade or demonstration confronts the line of dead warriors on the left side of the picture, and bamboo thickets on the canvas on the left are in harmony with the right missiles, being launched into space.

The Great wall of China stretches in the background – it resembles a dragon lying on the mountains.

Ilya Glazunov

Ilya Glazunov was the greatest artist of our time, portrait and landscape painter, the creator of monumental historical paintings, book Illustrator, master of theatrical and decorative art, artist-architect.

Author of more than three thousand works. Public figure, educator, teacher. A member of the Academy of arts of Russia, member of the Royal academies of arts of Madrid and Barcelona. He was the founder and a rector of the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Moscow (1988).

Ilya Glazunov held several honorary titles and awards: People’s Artist of the USSR (1980), the Order of Vishnu (Laos), Prizes. D. Nehru (India), Order of St. Michael (Portugal), Gold Medal “For Contribution to World Culture and Civilization” (UNESCO), Orders of the Monk Sergei Radonezh (1999) and the Monk Andrei Rublev (2010), Full Cavalier Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” and others.  Ilya Glazunov was the founder of the patriotic club “Rodina” (early 1960s), and was one of the organizers of the All-Russian Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture.