Church of the Holy Martyrs Boris and Gleb

The Church of the Holy Martyrs Boris and Gleb is located in the center of Yukhnovgrad, in the very beginning of the Park-Museum of Denis Davydov. The Orthodox cross-domed church is built in honor of the first Russian saints – “Strastoterptsy” (Passion-Bearers) Boris and Gleb, who are considered special patrons and defenders of the Russian land. The white stone Church recreates the style of ancient Russian architecture, which attracts with its clarity, simplicity and harmonious composition.

Christening in Boris and Gleb’s Church

Christening of a child is a solemn event in the family after the birth of the baby. It symbolizes communion between a man and God.

A child can be christened in our Orthodox church. An infant (up to 7 years old) does not need to take a confession before Christening, and it is not necessary for the baby to present in the church during the whole service. The baby can be brought after the start of the service, depending on the baby’s spiritual age.

Church wedding

A Church wedding is a Church sacrament in which God gives future spouses, with the vows that they remain faithful to each other, the grace of pure unanimity for a Christian life together, the birth and upbringing of children.

Those who want to get married in church should be believing baptized Orthodox Christians. They must be deeply aware that a self-willed dissolution of the marriage approved by God, as well as a violation of the vow of fidelity, is an unconditional sin.