The Museum of Russian Life presents a collection of traditional festive costumes of Kaluga, Ryazan, Bryansk and Voronezh provinces of the late XIX — early XX centuries. The women’s outfit consisted of a shirt, a woolen skirt — “poneva”, a headdress, and an apron — “curtains.” According to experts, such a set of clothes is the most archaic. Costumes were decorated with embroidery, woven patterns, colored ribbons. All this matched the texture and the design of clothes. Various ornaments had a deep symbolic meaning. They not only expressed wishes for happiness and prosperity, but also played the role of amulets, so embroidery decorated those parts of the costume where, according to our ancestors, evil forces could penetrate the human body: collar, cuffs, hem, neckline cut.

Excursions to two museums and the art gallery:

Every Saturday at 12:00 — Free

Individual excursion — 300 RUB per person

Concerning the organization of excursions, call — 89037924070