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The cottage is designed for 8 people. Check-in at 18:00, check-out at 16:00.

In the cottage:

  • 4 bedrooms, each with a private bathroom
  • Combined with a living room kitchen + a set of dishes for 8 people
  • Pool hall
  • 2 balconies
  • Spacious terrace with chairs and a table

Company Cottage is designed for 8 guests and has 4 bedrooms, each with a private bathroom! The cottage is equipped with all amenities, including high-speed Wi-Fi. There are several types of bed configurations in the bedrooms. A folding playpen is provided for small children for free.

The cottage is located on a well-groomed area of 10 acres with a barbeque place. The interior is decorated with traditional materials for wooden architecture preserving the atmosphere and smell of a wooden house. The cottage has a full kitchen with a set of dishes for 8 people. There is a car park for 60 cars in the territory of the park-hotel.


Pets allowed. Additional coordination with the administration is required, as the number of animal-friendly cottages is limited.

Early check-in

Weekdays — 1,000 RUB per hour

Weekend— 1,500 RUB per hour

Extra-person charges

2,000 RUB per night — weekdays

2,500 RUB per night — weekend

Children under 12 years old — free of charge


Weekdays 12 000
Weekend 17 000
Friday to Sunday 27 200
7 days / 6 nights 60 000
A month out of season 160 000
A month during season 200 000


For booking call: +7 800 301 26 87