About the bathhouse

Hot bath – a magnificent simulator and stimulant of all body systems. The bathhouse is a pleasure and joy! It can replace many cosmetic products – helps to avoid wrinkles, maintain skin elasticity, lose weight, clean both the body and the soul.

In our bathhouse there are:

  • Spacious room for a large company
  • A hall can accommodate up to 10 people, equipped with wicker sofas and a table, as well as a set of dishes.
  • Steam room
  • Shower
  • Outside there are comfortable chairs and a table
  • Outside Furako barrel

Russian bathhouse with “Furako” barrel

The barrel is 130 cm height, the water temperature rises to 45 degrees  Celsius. On the outside the round font is equipped with convenient steps, and inside – with benches all around the barrel. A stove is used for heating and it is located under the tank floor. In the variant of internal heating the stove is separated from benches by a wooden grid.

The barrel is designed for several people, so the reception of the procedure for one person is comfortable enough to lean back. This procedure is really good for you, it opens the pores, removes toxins from the body, stimulates metabolic processes. Furako also helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases, problems in the genitourinary system.


Bathhouse without “Furako” barrel 4,000 for 2 hours
Bathhouse with “Furako” barrel 6,000 for 2 hours
Additional hour 2,000